Inovatools - Germany

Solid carbide mills and drills

Inovatools is a leading producer of solid carbide mills and drills. It has been situated in the heart of Bavaria for the past 25 years.

The company’s product line includes:
-    micro mills;
-    face mills with a partial or full radius;
-    specialised mills for INOX, titan and tempered steels;
-    diamond-covered mills for carbon.

InovaTools also offer a range of solid carbide drills 3D-15D with and without cooling openings. One of the company’s main advantages is that it uses modern coating technologies - nACro, ALTIN, TIALN, DIAMANT, CrN, TIALCN.

InovaTool can also produce custom tools with unusual shapes and specific geometries when needed by a client. 


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