Botzian & Kirch - Germany

Machines and consumable tools for surface finishing

Created just 10 years ago, Botzian&Kirch GmbH already has an extensive parters’ network in almost all European countries. The firm’s success is the result not only of original ideas and their qualified employees, but of their flexible price policy as well.

The firm offers a full line of surface finishing machines and consumables. Botzian&Kirch also organise training courses, providing both the theory and practice their clients need. It also helps with advice and consultations when a solution for a specific technical problem is needed.

Botzian&Kirch’s product range includes:
-    rotary and reciprocating motion machines, wielding machines, ultrasonic devices, micromotors, nozzles, flexible shafts;
-    fiber and polishing stones;
-    diamond polishing paste;
-    sandpaper, miniflap wheels, polishing felts, tool holders.


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